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Baskytarová posilovna 1 - Marek Bero Haruštiak


Steve Vai - Freak Show Excess cvičení




JavaFX 2.x Shatter Node

Pomalu jsem začal portovat Shatter Node napsaný v JavaFX skriptu v 1.3 do JavaFX verze 2.x.

Aktuální výsledek je na Youtube.

Git repozitář: https://github.com/g0dd4rd/ShatterNode.git


JavaFX 300 challenge

I'm pleased to announce the JavaFX 300 challenge.

The challenge lies in creating a JavaFX program on a given topic / theme that has no more than 300 lines of code in 80 characters wide page. The JavaFX program has to be FOSS and its full source has to be available either on GitHub or at author's web page. It's strongly preferred to have a live version somewhere (applet, JNLP, download), either at author's web page or here at Dr3dweRkZ, or at least a YouTube video of the JavaFX program.

New JavaFX 300 challenge theme will be announced on 15th every month, the JavaFX program has to be finished and published on the last day of a given month (that gives a minimum of 14 and maximum of 16 days to complete and publish), and will be evaluated by all the interested people for next 15 days until the next challenge will be announced.

The JavaFX program that will be shared the most on Twitter will become the winner. The twitter hashtag is #JavaFX300. Winner will receive either one of those beautiful books about JavaFX, or equivalent of 1000,- CZK.

Finally, the topic for the first challenge is "Time"


Kytarový festival v Brně

Kytarový festval v Brně 5. - 11.8.2012


HTML Canvas Deep Dive - Obsah

Obsah knihy HTML Canvas Deep Dive od Joshe Marinacciho. Postupem času zde naleznete překlad celé této velmi zajímavé knihy.


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